Questions and Answers

Here you can read a sort of interview with DigiDaemon, if you have a question by yourself you can ask it here.

Q: Where do you get inspiration for the tracks you make?
A: For my Basshouse/Futurehouse tracks I first make a synth, then the drop and then the rest of the track. I don't really have one particular inspiration.
Q: What programs/equipment do you use for producting and DJing?
A: For producing I use FL Studio 12 and I have a keyboard. For analysing and exporting I use RekordBox, I have an XDJ-RX.
Q: Who is your role model?
A: My role model is Oliver Heldens. He is so creative and I like his style very much. Another artist I really like is Curbi, I like the drums he creates. The drops are very powerfull too.
Q: Do you still have the first track you made?
A: No, it is too bad, but my harddisk was crashed a few years ago and all of my projects were gone. I could cry when I found out that everything was gone.
Q: How did you learn to produce?
A: Much YouTube tutorials and even more experimenting. I have learnt it by myself and I learn from every single track I make, that is quite nice.